Introduction offers two categories of SMS API [API-Normal (API-N) & API-Extended (API-X)]. These APIs offer developers simple and easy-to-integrate SMS connectivity for both native and web applications using any programming language of choice. With OrgDS Application Programming Interface (API), integration is simple, faster and reliable. The APIs allow developers to connect to features on the Bulk SMS platform from Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications to send bulk messages, check SMS balance, pull message history and get delivery reports.

OrgDS API is a powerful SMS API that delivers bulk messages to mobile numbers in and outside Nigeria, including numbers that have DND activated, and with comprehensive server reply and delivery report. Maintaining all features that are available on the front-end of the bulk messaging platform, OrgDS API delivers Plain, Unicode and Flash text messages.

OrgDS API gives desktop, mobile and web applications’ developers a simple, smart, secure and wonderful opportunity to maximize the enterprise infrastructure of OrgDS Bulk Messaging Solutions from anywhere in the world with top-notch service delivery.

The API accepts both HTTP POST and HTTP GET requests/methods, but because of data security issues and length restrictions, HTTP POST request is recommended over HTTP GET when sending data, especially message submission, to any of OrgDS APIs.