SMS Developers’ API

Welcome to OrgDS API Documentation!

We have two categories of SMS API (API-N & API-X) that offer developers simple and easy-to-integrate SMS connectivity for both native and web applications. With our Application Programming Interface (API), integration is simple, fast and reliable. Our API allows developers to connect to features on our Bulk SMS platform from Desktop, Mobile and Web Applications to send bulk messages, check balance, fetch sent messages and get delivery reports.


Here you have access to documents that explain and provide simple but comprehensive guides on the usage of individual API calls and functions, and how to quickly integrate OrgDS SMS API into various applications to maximize the enterprise infrastructure of OrgDS Bulk Messaging Solutions from anywhere in the world.


API-N provides a direct connection to a user’s account. It requires the Username and Password of the user to connect and execute all the possible commands.


To use the API-X Gateway, you don’t need Username and Password. All you need is to create API-X sub-accounts from your main account. A unique API TOKEN is generated for every sub-account you create, and you can fund your sub-accounts individually from your main account. The advantage of our API-X Gateway is that a developer can create and fund different sub-accounts for different projects and applications, so each sub-account details can be tracked independent of other sub-accounts and main account. You can credit each sub-account by transferring SMS units from your main account to the sub-account.


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