Response & Error Codes


Possible Response Messages

1. Success Response Code & Message

Message Sent/Scheduled

The following response code (600) and message appear when a message is successfully sent or scheduled.

600: Message sent/scheduled successfully

Credit Balance
When a successful Credit Balance API call is made, the response will be the numeric credit balance of the main account or the API-X sub-account as the case may be. For example,


2. Error Codes & Messages

700: Required parameter/variable is missing
701: Username is empty
702: Password is empty
703: Unexpected error
704: Unknown command
705: Unable to connect
706: Wrong access credentials
707: Message is empty
708: Recipient is empty
709: Insufficient balance
710: Incorrect schedule date format.
711: Token is empty
712: Sender ID is empty
713: Account is not active
714: Unable to send message